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Estate Administration, Probate, Inheritance Rights (Kinship Proceedings), Wills, Trusts, and Real Estate


If you have experienced the loss of a family member, our New York law firm can assist you with the legal process that occurs when a loved one passes away. If your loved one had a Will, the family must go through a process called probate. If they did not have a will, the family must go through a similar process called estate administration.

Kinship Proceedings

We fight to protect your inheritance rights. We prove your rights in court, in kinship proceedings, so that you may inherit what is rightfully due to you. We have successfully secured inheritances for hundreds of people.

Real Estate

We assist clients in what is often the biggest financial transaction of their life: purchasing and selling your home or business. Whether it is a house, condominium, coop or commercial building, we understand the issues and will lead you through the process.

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